3 Poems / Tom Evans

Poem on a Flower

My flower was laden with dew,
so pink, so moist, and open;
Like lips that are parted in two,
her center, her tongue, was golden.

And crossed by green blades of grass,
formed in a triumphal arch;
Through which some great man could pass,
or some great army march.

The Anvil

Forging the malleable soul,
glint of future,
bellowing past;
Stoking the white hot coal,
’til it rings of truth
at last.

While the heart brings forth life,
red and rife.

The Journey

Longer days may be
when summer comes around,
but the little boy must journey
and has not reached the town.
When he is all grown
where will he be found?

The way is full of turnings
the stars have still not shown,
through winter’s blast
and summer’s burning
will he remain alone-
and never find his home?


2 thoughts on “3 Poems / Tom Evans”

  1. Beautiful poems! How are you? What are you doing? Are you devoting your time solely to writing now? We miss you in KARMS!



  2. Hi Judith. Thank you. What a nice surprise to hear from you! I had been devoting all my time to writing for about a month but once again have been gainfully employed, this time at the Irvington Public Library, which I’m much better suited for- slightly better pay and, 1 night, 1 day, and 1 weekend, and most importantly, a great commute. Hope we can keep in touch.


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